American Flamingo

Though there are four different species of Flamingo found in the Americas, the American Flamingo is the only one to naturally inhibit the two continents. These warm-climate birds are waders that generally stick around aquatic areas. In the United States, you can find Flamingos inhabiting the Florida Keys, which is the furthest North that these water-dwelling birds will travel.

Like all flamingo species, females will lay one single egg during Spring or Summer and, after hatching it, will spend up to 6 years raising their child until it can reproduce. Male flamingos can grow up to 6 pounds, while Females are closer to 5 pounds. Pairs of flamingos are usually monogamous, with parents staying together for their long life of up to 40 years or so.

Flamingos are maybe the most easily identified bird of all, their red/pink feathers and large body make them instantly recognizable from other wading bird species. When you color in todays image below, be sure to use these warm colors!

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