Betta Fish

The siamese fighting fish is more commonly known in the US as the betta fish. Their name comes from their highly territorial nature and their aptness towards fighting off other betta fish who encroach on their territory. For this reason, betta fish generally are kept in aquariums as the only one of their species.

The betta fish is most commonly found in canals and floodplains, and the highest concentration of the species resides in Thailand, who has recently declared the betta fish as their national aquatic animal. The betta fish is now listed as a vulnerable species, as environmental pollution impacts the waterways, reducing the amount of space that these aggressive fish can share with each other. The betta fish is also an invasive species, so should never be released in bodies of water.

In the US, the betta fish is a common fish to keep in a fish bowl because of it’s relative ease of maintaining. However, betta fish need much more room to swim around in to feel comfortable. If you do own a betta fish in a bowl, please consider buying a larger aquarium with a filter that can house the betta along with others.

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