Charlie the Chameleon

Chameleons are colorfully clever. They are best known for their ability to change their color. They are also known for their long sticky tongues as well as their wild independently moving eyes. I thought Charlie here had a bit of dignity, so we’ll focus on his color today. After all, it isn’t polite to stick out your tongue! While cartoons will have you believe that a Chameleon can match any surrounding you put them in, it isn’t quite that simple. Chameleons rely on hormones and nerve impulses to change their color. You’re not going to see a live Chameleon display any pattern it sees – but it will try to blend in as best as possible with a color that works best. Of course, Charlie is not a live Chameleon, so he can do whatever you want for him to do. Charlie is ready for you to help him show what he can do!

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