Koala Family

You can find families of Koala living in Australia, usually around forests of eucalyptus trees. The leaves of these trees make up the bulk of the herbivorous Koalas’ diets. The easiest identifier of a Koala, aside from their big bushy heads, is the fact that they are marsupials. This means that their young are carried inside a pouch that’s located on the front of the mother. Their children (called ‘joeys’) will live inside this pouch for around a year. Though koalas may seem cute and cuddly, they are actually incredibly unsocial animals and prefer to live most of their life alone. Because they live in trees, they don’t have many predators to worry about and their biggest enemies are actually deforestation, disease, and -interestingly enough – starvation when their teeth wear down too much in their older years. 18 years is about the maximum age that a Koala will live.

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