Percy (The Perfect Pupper)

While we are all spending more time at home, one silver lining that people are finding is that dog adoption rates are way up! Percy here below is a Dachshund, or as lots of people call them ‘weiner dogs’. Though Dachshund’s are commonly seen just as funny looking pets, they were actually bred to chase burrowing animals like groundhogs and badgers to keep them away from crops and gardens. Their small bodies and loose skin actually help them in getting deep into holes without getting stuck. Plus, their deep chest gives them large lungs to help them stay in the hunt without getting tired. These hunting instincts might help to explain why Dachshunds are prone to barking – maybe they are looking to catch prey?

If you’re looking for a companion during this difficult time you might want to consider adopting or fostering a dog, whether it’s our friend Percy below or any other type of breed!

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