Swan Bath

Not to be confused with geese, their close relatives, the swan is a much larger bird that can weigh up to over 30 pounds, with wingspans as large as 10 feet! Their large bodies can somewhat hinder their ability to fly, as it requires that they need a bit of a runway to take off and land. Swan mainly feed on plants, but do eat fish and other aquatic life. Unlike other birds, swan bills have teeth underneath their bills to help them feed.

One other unique aspect of swans is that they mate with their spouse for life, and even pair up as life partners before they are old enough to reproduce. Their family dynamic helps them work together to keep the other safe from predators, and allows them to better protect their babies, also called “flappers” (cute)!

Though swans are generally black and white, our coloring page today shouldn’t be confined to that. Use any palette that you’d like and give these beautiful animals a totally new look!

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