Unicorn Rose Garden

Unicorns aren’t just for kids anymore, today’s adult coloring page features one of these equestrian marvels enjoying its time in a rose garden!

The staple of the unicorn is its long horn on a white colored horse body. Unicorns date back all the way to the Bronze era civilizations as far as 3000 B.C.E, and have always been associated with purity and majesty. They were often associated with virgins, in the sense that cultures believed only pure virgins could tame them.

Though unicorns are a myth, they’re believed magical powers were anything but a myth. They were so envied that conmen would often take horns off of narwhals and pass them off as ultra rare unicorn horns that were a magic cure to rare sicknesses. You could imagine the amount of people that were let down in the end!

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